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  • Kyiv, str. Gorodetsky, 5
  • tel.: (044) 279-6750
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Cinema "Ukraine"

Premiere cinema "Ukraine", was opened after reconstruction of 6 February 2001.

There is no secret that the current cinema "Ukraine" on interior design, quality of service, location and film distribution policy is the first in the country!

"Ukraine" – Cinema of "premiere." This means that our audience can see all the important new movies at the same time with the whole  world.


Nowadays in the traditional  repertoire of theater are:

• loudest premiere domestic, Russian and world cinema;
• the most interesting films from the programs taking place in the city of festivals,;
• Children's and animated films;
• festivals of world cinema.


Both halls cinema has the latest projection equipment - seven-channel system is Dolby Digital Surround Ex, which operates in accordance with the acoustic requirements "Dolby Laboratories Inc.". Its main feature is optional surround-channel formats Dolby Digital, due to  which the sound in the theater is distributed more accurately (for each seat in the hall equally), and sends all the details of the existing effects. This channel is reproduced by l dynamics ocated behind the viewer, while the main left and right - dynamics on the walls of the rooms. Using the Dolby Digital Surround Ex every spectator in the hall receives an increased sense of reality on the screen.


"Red" (for up to 456 seats) and "Blue" (148 seats), the cinema halls are equipped with sound-absorbing panels and pearl, made by the newest technologies screens measuring 14.5 by 6.2 meters and 7.75 meters respectively 3.30, as well as comfortable seating of  Spanish production "Love-seats" with stands for water and popcorn. In the foyer six plasma monitors, video projectors, colorful advertising light boxes, and 2 bars with a wide range of traditional snacks and drinks will not leave alone the visitors . On the second floor of the cinema provides a comfortable summer terrace.


Cinema Club "Ukraine" is a real feast  for the whole family. In summer, there it is always cool in the winter - warm and cozy all year as at home. Foyer done in a classic cinematic style.In the  right wing of the cinema there is an all-day  restaurant  serving Italian and French cuisine-  "Fellini", ready to accommodate up to 120 visitors at a time. In its menu - a wide selection of traditional Italian pasta and the wine list except  the classic Italian, French and Georgian wine set, there are also Argentine and Chilean wines. Variety of cocktails served at the restaurant can satisfy the imagination of any visitor.


Cinema firmly on the top lines of the newspapers every week organizing parties, the premiere film festivals and film forums discoveries. Such activities visit movie stars, show business, television and politics. Often, it is cinema "Ukraine" is the country's first platform launch of a movie, arranging previous show a few days before the official release of the film in the country.


Without much exaggeration it is could  to say that today cinema "Ukraine" is the most popular and prestigious resting place of Kyiv.



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